Ibzan’s Blog

A digital painting of Ibzan, and anthropomorphic spotted hyena with blue hair, sat on a beach just after sundown. He is faced away from the viewer, watching the waves and mixture of colours in the sky go by. In there forground there are a couple of rocks on the sand and where waves are lapping at, and on the horizon there is a mix of colours from reds and yellows to pale and deep blues. Art by Blaze Silverwolf.

Blaze Silverwolf
Impressionist Seascape, 2023
Digital painting

I’m Ibzan, a spotted hyena hailing from the UK. My interests include programming, photography, hillwalking, physics, data, and generally messing around with computers. Yes, I run Linux.

This site will contain various musings — I don’t have any specific plans for the blog, but I’ll probably write about the things I’ve enjoyed coding recently as well as any furry-relevant stories that seem fun.

You may notice that the design is relatively minimal. That’s because I expect people will use the reader mode present in most modern browers to read posts, so there’s minimal value in going overboard on the design. The main font used across this website is the excellent Heliotrope by Matthew Butterick.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking for code, check my GitHub. Want to get in touch? I’d love to hear from you if you have any thoughts relating to the content here! The most reliable method is email. I also have a Mastodon account, and an FA page which I keep mostly up to date with art. I probably won’t read any notes sent there in a timely fashion though.


Title Date
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Quick J: Thousands Separators 2023-05-14
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